Our People

Our people are the cogs of our organisation. They breathe passion, drive success and keep our organisation innovating and growing. Each and every one of our people is an integral part of what we do, from our Executive Board to our Advisory Board, to the Apprentice, the Part-time staff and Placement Student. Below are just a few of them...


Executive Board 


Simon Reichwald 250

Caroline Ellis 250

Simon Reichwald

Caroline Ellis


Advisory Board 


Louise Briggs 250 Martin Pennington 250 Miranda Davies 250 Paul Redmond 250
Louise Briggs Martin Pennington

Miranda Davies

Paul Redmond

Simon Howard 250 aaron photo 250 eva photo 250 rogeropie 250
Simon Howard Aaron Porter Eva Malecki Roger Opie
bob-athwal 250 bargery a 250 Melanie Warnes 250 Sonja Stockton 250
Bob Athwal Andrew Bargery  Melanie Warnes Sonja Stockton
Rob.Farace indy lachhar 250 1 Jessica Davies photo 175bw
Rob Farace Indy Lachhar Jess Grundy






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