Accelerating Your ROI

Graduates are our Business.

This graduate specialism means that we know graduates better than most – their strengths & where they need development as well as how to really drive the best from them and accelerate performance – especially so due to our large network of Bright Futures Societies in Universities right across the UK. A key factor which enables our training programmes and induction solutions to be so impactful is that we always focus on outcomes (or return on investment) from the moment we begin designing them.

We believe three key outcomes to any graduate programme are:

  • Ensuring your graduates start delivering value to the business fast
  • That you can show a return on investment
  • Retention!

Bright Futures Training can and does deliver on these needs for our clients, through programmes ranging from:

  • a one off intervention to add to an existing learning & development programme
  • engaging and powerful induction programmes
  • full design and delivery of a 12-24 month graduate development programme

All of which align to your strategic business objectives.


It’s not just your graduates who can benefit from development

For your new employees to really deliver & accelerate their career they need the right support network (managers, mentors etc), with this in mind, we also ensure that those around them are equipped with the skills & capabilities they need, to make your graduates a success for your business.

We are very conscious of the pressures of time, geography and cost for our clients so we adopt a blended learning approach using e-learning 2.0 technologies including: podcasts, vodcasts & virtual learning centres. The use of such innovations and technology provides different ways for individuals to learn and methods that are both attractive & second nature for today’s generation of ‘digital native’ graduates.

We believe our learning & development is so powerful and effective because of the passion of our people and the support processes which transfer & integrate the learning into the workplace. We want the graduates you hire to clearly contribute to the success of your organisation, so whether you want to get even more from your current graduate programme or want to establish one, come and talk to us at Bright Futures.

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