Insight Days

What do Insight Days involve?

Insight Days are great for both the company and the student. Typically held off campus at an employers office, Insight Days give students the fantastic opportunity of visiting an organisation's premises and get real insight and a taste of what it's like to work at that firm, not to mention gain key skills that are required in the workplace. Students are also likely to meet with members of staff from right across the company, ranging from CEO's to trainees and apprentices. It will help gain a deeper understanding to the roles within the company as well as enable students to get their questions answered, helping them with their applications whilst also gaining a greater understanding into the sector and what kind of environment they'd like to work in.

For companies, it's about developing your brand profile and showcasing everything you do to future talent and potential hires, as well as helping students to understand and develop keys skills that are required in your workplace. It is also a very convenient way of doing so because the students come to you! If you would like to host an Insight Day with us please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 01242 236415. 


"One of the key services Bright Futures offered to us, was full project management of an Insight Day, in the way we wanted it run. We're a different kind of firm to most, and are looking for innovative ways to attract a different kind of trainee. Bright Futures provided us with the opportunity to encourage a broad range of students, from a variety of universities to apply for a place on the afternoon. Bright Futures worked closely with our graduate events team, to ensure that the right kinds of candidate were motivated towards RPC. Bright Futures managed all promotion, application and registration, leaving the RPC team with more time to plan the event to ensure candidates gained a real insight into the firm. The first Insight event was a complete success, with full attendance, overwhelming number of applicants, and positive feedback from the students. We immediately signed up for a second Bright Futures Insight Day"

Kali Butler, Graduate Resourcing Manager







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