Working with the Careers Service and the Student's Union

Bright Futures Societies strive to work hand in hand with both their Students’ Union and their Careers Service. It is a requirement that all Societies become ratified by their Students’ Union in order to function as a society on campus. All societies must work by the rules and regulations set by the Students’ Union above and beyond Bright Futures. We provide a support platform for each of our societies, but do not set strict rules and guidelines as to how they function, merely advisories; they are independent societies and are therefore free to run their societies as they wish (pending guidelines set by the SU).

There is a national team (of 4) which supports each Society. That support takes the format of: 

a. branded marketing collateral – pop up stands & flyers, etc
b. a large network of employer contacts
c. 3 Committee Conferences a year to train and develop the committees as well as networking sessions with employers
d. a National Awards Ceremony to recognise and celebrate their hard work (students who attend this ceremony do pay a contribution towards their food and accommodation)
1. dedicated Society Manager who visits the Societies on campus each term to support them in their aims and share best practice (i.e. other great ideas, events and activities that other Societies have come up with or done)
e. their own branded website and event management software so they can organise events & promote them online for the organisations they work with
f. ALL these services are provided to the students within the committee for FREE.

Collaboration is a huge part of what we do as an organisation. We strongly recommend to all our committees to build solid working relationships with their university Careers Service, amongst others, in order to ensure that events provided on campus that are career related are as effective as possible and without duplication or conflict.

At our Annual Awards Ceremony, we have a number of awards that we offer to our societies across the UK, one of which being The Collaboration Award. It was won by the University of Essex in 2011 and the University of Leicester in 2012. It is awarded to both the Society and the University Careers Service for their efforts to work in partnership with one another, to support each other’s efforts and to come up with innovative ways of driving employability on campus for all students.

There are numerous ways in which some of our Societies and Careers Services work together, from promotion of one another’s events via email and social media, blogs and bulletins, to speaking at each other’s events, allowing the Careers Service to schedule 1-2-1 sessions for members at the end of Society events so the students are able to follow up on what they have learnt in the event, as well as helping at fairs and big events that the Careers Service hosts and speaking with any of the clients that Bright Futures works with to run collaborative events with both the Society and the Careers Service.

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