Committee Resources

Bright Futures provides all of our societies with an extensive support platform to help students to run their societies as effectively and successfully as possible. Here are some resources we recommend you use and that you may find useful throughout your time on the committee.

See also the Committee Capability Section HERE

Committee Capability Criteria

We want to provide all our committee members powerful evidence of their achievements to help them secure a great job.

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Setting Up Your Society

This is a guide to help you establish your committee, the aims of Bright Futures and getting your society ratified with the Student's Union.


Managing Your Committee

This document will help you to manage your committee, allocate positions and run and effective society.                                     


Growing Membership

Lots of great ideas to grow your Society membership in the 'download' PLUS a branded 1 page 'Prompt sheet' to use at all your events

DownloadPrompt Sheet

Running Society Events

Overview of event planning from forming initial ideas to reviewing the events after they have finished. See other downloadable forms. 


Event Booking Form

This form is to be completed for every event you are planning, so that we can support you, help promote it and speak to clients on your behalf. 


Event Planning Checklist

Make sure you have considered everything when planning your events, this checklist will help with the basics.                                            


On The Day Event Checklist

Make sure everything about your event runs smoothly with simple tips to prepare and consider on the day of the event.                           


Event Feedback Form

Getting feedback is essential when learning about how to make your events better. Complete and handout at the end of your event.  


Working with Companies

We runs events with a range of companies to showcase careers, develop skills and build networks. See how best to approach and communicate with them.  


Funding Your Society

Some of the events you run may incur cost, here are some helpful tips and advice on how to fund your society.

Download Tips

Download Invoice

Brand Guidelines

As part of a national brand it's essential you follow some simple rules to ensure your events have brand consistency.



Other Templates

Some useful templates:


Info Flyer

Sign-up Form






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